IST in the top 10 under 30

d41586-018-06626-4_16113012Nature portraits IST Austria (and Matilda) (and our pretty much empty fridge) as part of the Nature Index 2018 Rising Stars supplement in this article about young Universities: Green Shots. This is the full list of the top 30 under 30.

Also interesting, Austria’s natural sciences output in high quality journals seems to grow more than 20 times slower than that of China but still faster than that of any other country: Challenger States.

FCQO18 Summary

Over the past few days, IST Austria became a meeting point for quantum technology experts during the “Frontiers of Circuit QED and Optomechanics” (FCQO18) conference. The meeting with about 110 participants addressed a wide range of topics from reservoir engineering to hybrid quantum devices to quantum error correction (press release).


New circulator uses mechanics

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 08.20.11

Nonreciprocal circuit elements form an integral part of modern measurement and communication systems. Mathematically they require breaking of time-reversal symmetry, typically achieved using magnetic materials and more recently using the quantum Hall effect, parametric permittivity modulation or Josephson nonlinearities. We realized an in-situ reconfigurable, magnetic-free, on-chip circulator based on reservoir-engineered electromechanic interactions.

You can find our most recent result here: Nature Communications, reprintSI.