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FCQO18 Summary

Over the past few days, IST Austria became a meeting point for quantum technology experts during the “Frontiers of Circuit QED and Optomechanics” (FCQO18) conference. The meeting with about 110 participants addressed a wide range of topics from reservoir engineering to hybrid quantum devices to quantum error correction (press release).


New circulator uses mechanics

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 08.20.11

Nonreciprocal circuit elements form an integral part of modern measurement and communication systems. Mathematically they require breaking of time-reversal symmetry, typically achieved using magnetic materials and more recently using the quantum Hall effect, parametric permittivity modulation or Josephson nonlinearities. We realized an in-situ reconfigurable, magnetic-free, on-chip circulator based on reservoir-engineered electromechanic interactions.

You can find our most recent result here: Nature Communications, reprintSI.